Commission Process

The creation of a successful portrait begins with an informal discussion between the client and me. I will work from a good quality photograph or a photo session may be required.

Prior to a photo session, the client and I need to determine

  • subject(s)
  • setting (indoor or outdoor)
  • dress (formal or informal)
  • painting size (head and shoulders, partial or full figure)
  • frame size
  • budget considerations
  • payment schedule

The photo session would take place at the client’s home or a practical choice of location. Depending on the number of subjects and complexity of the composition, this can take between one to two hours.

A portrait can be painted from a single or multiple photos provided by the client if preferred. The photos should be sharp and of good quality.


The pricing of a portrait is determined by many factors. I can accommodate most requests, such as a delicately, rendered drawing of a face through to a large, multi-subject painting situated within a complex setting.

A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts.

Joshua Reynolds