I feel a successful portrait should demonstrate eloquently, the uniqueness of the person of whom it portrays.

Lorraine Rathwell portrait artistTo achieve this, the pose and setting are critical. Keep in mind, what may make a great photograph doesn’t always translate into a good painting. Contrast between shadows and highlights, complementary or harmonious colours, and an interesting composition are generally recommended. Whether the subject is a pet, a young child, an adolescent or an adult, an effort at demonstrating their uniqueness of character makes a wonderful portrait.

I accept commissions from photographs of the subject taken by me or supplied by the client. To determine the purpose of the commissioned portrait, a preliminary meeting is necessary. We would discuss your expectations, portrait dimensions/matting/framing possibilities, delivery, dates and fee structure. We may need to discuss the poses, attire, and background of the subject. Possibly, at this first meeting, a photo session may take place.